Online Visibility

Generate "conversation" around your content by maximizing social-media options

Adrecom bases its CMS strategy around the fact that our clients' audience does their research online via various web browsers and social networking sites. Before they make a phone call, users today are first investigating companies' websites online to determine if the company will be able to meet their needs. Only after this connection is made does the negotiation over price and services become a factor in the mating dance of vendor and customer.

In light of the fact that social networking has come to be an essential tool for reaching users and building online reputations, Adrecom has developed its platform to work in conjunction with social media web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Our CMS platform automatically integrates your content with various search engine optimization functions, RSS feeds, and social media sharing options, thus ensuring that your content can potentially go viral and your user base stays informed and engaged online.

using Social Media

Brand promotions by using Social Media

  • Facebook  Like -   enable visitors to mark "like" any of your products  or services. Also display number of customers who "liked" the product and faces of friends of the customer who have "liked" the offering.    
  • Tweet Button and Live Twitter feed - provide easy way to tweet about you offering and post your recent tweets on your web site 
  • Google Plus  -  allow products and services recommendations to Google circles friends.  
  • Pinterest  -  The Pin button provide for visitors ability to pin your product and services offering to their pin boards, to be viewed by the visitor's  friends and followers
  • Social Sing-on Solutions - allow  potential buyers to register and  access his account using their Facebook account by passing creating on site  login and password during check out process.  

Customer Reviews

Social Media Enhanced Ecommerce

The merger between progressive networking philosophy and new media integration can afford the innovative organization an opportunity to improve relationships, expand influence and better understand customer trends and thinking. Social Media has introduced new channels to effectively communicate and compete for consumer attention.

Social Media outlets, such as Facebook, used by over half of the U.S. population, present the chance for Ecommerce companies to connect with their customer base while generating discussion about your brands. Thus there is also a great deal of potential for your company to develop a standing rapport with prospective clients before actually making contact with them.

This translates into a streamlined sales solutions process that begins with the customers' own intuition and self-initiation into exploring your services, leading them to become personal experts in your brand. The result is a more natural level of communication between your company and the consuming public, which is comfortable and eager to use social technology to make its life easier.