CMS Suite

Make your content really work for your business by deploying a web content management system.

Benefits of Adrecom’s CMS Suite

  • It is robust and flexible and able to grow with your company
  • It’s simple enough for even non-technical people to manage their web presence
  • An engaging and intuitive website presence
  • It maximizes our website space and provides exceptional value for your customers.

Adrecom’s Content Management Suite is a collection of easy-to-use, group of content management solutions that include web content management, media resources and document management.

By separating your 'raw' content from delivery formatting, CMS Suite seamlessly and automatically reformats and republishes to multiple channels or sites.

Adrecom's Content Management Suite does all this and more - enabling you to quickly turn your content into a business asset and revenue generation tool.

In addition, the Adrecom CMS Suite has been developed specifically to permit easy and timely publishing of your web content to many locations or devices — whether Websites, Microsites, SEO Landing pages, Intranet, Mobile Devices, or Portals — without the time and expense of managing multiple websites manually.

Content Management Suite

Adrecom's Content Management Suite:

  • Enables you to accelerate your transition to the next generation of web presence
  • Features rich web-site deployment with no programming
  • Provides a centralized interface to manage content, marketing and promotions
  • Incorporates rules and permissions based access control
  • Includes a pre-built Web 2.0 options set
  • Delivers targeted content
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Ready To Go Features

Ready To Go Features:

  • Template based totally configurable "look and feel"
  • Centralized textual and media content management
  • Multiple format publishing, tagging and authoring tools
  • Document management, contributions and rules based sharing
  • Bulk content and meta data import/export
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Permission based private areas of content accessibility
  • Pre-build modules for news, events administration and media galleries

Marketing and CRM

Marketing and CRM:

  • Channel partners management
  • Customer acquisition form builder
  • Work order creation including payment processing and reporting
  • Customers, partners and third party contributors accounts
  • Web resources directory
  • Before and after modules with rich media integration

Social Computing Applications:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Tagging
  • Voting
  • Comments
  • Moderating