Adrecom CMS Enterprise Blogging

Blogging offers great potential to reach and interact with your client base on a deeper and more productive level, while also offering the opportunity to facilitate greater communication and knowledge sharing internally within your company. Adrecom's Enterprise Blogging Suite provides you with all the tools you need to create attractive, content-rich blogs that will be as effective as they are easy to produce.

Internal or External Blogging

Whether you wish to create and externally-faced blog for marketing communications and promotions or an internal blog for knowledge sharing among your employees, our Enterprise Blogging Suite works equally well.

External blogs are the best tools for building a community of dedicated customers and clients. By providing your reader base with up-to-date information on your products and services and responding to comments, such blogs create a two-way exchange of ideas and opinions, rather than the unidirectional broadcast of a message that traditional advertising provides. This leads to a more engaged audience of passionate tastemaker fans - the best customers a company can hope for.

Internal blogs, meanwhile, create opportunities to identify and foster knowledge experts within your company. Our platform allows you to use an internal blog to facilitate conversation between employees, and even to create wiki documents for knowledge sharing purposes. Integrating the blog with Adrecom's Knowledge Management Platform allows the blog to act as a source for knowledge creation as well.

The Enterprise Blogging Suite provides you with a host of features that apply to any blog, be it external, internal or a hybrid between the two.

Multiple Users

Many professional blogs gather and publish content that is produced by multiple users. Our Enterprise Blogging Suite makes it easy to synthesize posts written by different users. Blog readers can easily identify all posts by a single author. Administrators can also choose to grant different access privileges to users of varied levels.

Social Media Enabled

The best way to build community on your blog is via social networking and rich media content. Our Enterprise Blog Suite features multiple tools and technologies to help you take advantage of all the features the top Web 2.0 sites offer.

All posts are easily shareable via social bookmarking buttons, while other buttons enable readers to add "Likes" on Facebook and Google+ for any post. Fully-featured commenting helps you receive feedback from your customer base, while automatic post moderation helps you eliminate spam comments or those which are abusive before they show up on your blog page. Our post rating system provides you with accurate data on what content your customers are most connecting with.

You can also easily create multimedia posts that include video, audio and of course pictures. This allows you to publish content that maintains reader interest and creates a "stickier" web page with more engaged readers.

Fully Searchable

Adrecom Enterprise Blogs are easily searchable from within the website by all blog readers. Post categories and tags create easier ways for readers to search for posts on specific topics or with content of a particular type.

All blogs also meet the most up-to-date standards for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including metadata tag clouds. This means that your blog will rank higher in searches for various relevant keywords via all common search engines, bringing more readers who are interested in the topics your blog covers.