Adrecom Content Management and Editing Modules

On-Board Content Origination and Publishing Modules Empower Business

Adrecom has pre-built a set of ready-to-go modules and tools that permit easy content origination, publishing, and management – enabling customers to update content directly on the site, keeping web sites fresh and relevant. The Content Management Suite (CMS) provides an intuitive WYSIWYG editor featuring a familiar MS Office-based interface for even non-technical or casual content managers. CMS sophisticated features allow users to define templates, schedule content publishing and removal, establish content-review protocols governing article release, and manage articles categories, versions, and archives. With little effort, users can also upload bulk content, create RSS-based news syndications, and categorize pictures, video, podcasts, and slide shows.

Web Content Management Modules

  • Content categorization and tailored access rules capability for guests, partners, customers and/or members
  • Pages
  • News
  • Events calendar
  • Articles
  • Photo Galleries
  • Digital media galleries
  • Bulk content upload
  • Rss feed based content export /import
  • Scheduled content publishing
  • Password protected areas for registered users, customers and partners
  • Content rating, review and visitor comments

HTML optimization

  • Page title tags and meta-tags control
  • URL shortlinking for emailing
  • Link title tags control
  • Image alt-tags control
  • Ordered source code optional
  • HTML editor built-in
  • Keyword rich link sculpting
  • Themed directory naming

Online form creation simplified

Customer acquisition
form builder

  • Contact us form
  • Quote form
  • Lead-gen form
  • Generic forms
Online submission forms are essential client interaction tools that are necessary components of all websites. Strategically placed on a page, submission forms give business the opportunity to collect important client information and to generate sales leads. Submission forms are also often useful for running contests, polls, and giveaways, which enable a business owner to collect more client emails and market their products in unusual and creative ways. By providing our clients with the ability to easily create their own new forms on their website's for any occasion, we give them the flexibility to try various ways of interacting with their site visitors and promoting their brands.

Metadata and Tagging

Adrecom's platform is built with search engine optimization in mind. One particular element that helps your site to attract search engines is metadata, which is built into the code of your site. Metatags, keywords, and descriptions, when written properly, function as concise guides that tell search engines what your web site is about. The content of your metadata will affect how your site is ranked by search engines for particular keywords. More importantly, a web page's meta titles and meta descriptions will appear on search engine results pages, and are a browser's first glimpse into what your site has to offer them. When your site is built by Adrecom, we add the metadata for you and make it simple for you to add or edit the information in the future as your site and targeted keywords evolve. Not only does our platform have a built-in capability for editing and applying appropriate metadata for every content element, it also offers clients the ability import metadata in bulk, thus shortening the time to completion. Lastly, Adrecom offers meta tag directories available to our clients which makes tagging pages as easy as possible.