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Web Solution: Dealers and Distributors Portal

11-11-2012  |  By: Adrecom

Today's "must have" sales-generation tool is an effective self-service dealer/distributor portal.

Web sites have entered a new era of high-utility connectivity, and are today far more than mere online brochures. Yet many business executives have been slow to recognize the powerful potential of certain web-based enterprise and sales management tools. It’s time they take a very close look. 

More than ever before, business enterprises offering products or services seek effective tools to improve their interaction with a fast-paced marketplace, and increase sales. Fortunately, businesses today can efficiently utilize their online presence to enhance business interaction, accelerate growth, and keep up with the competition. Online portals designed to attract, enlist, and support distributors, dealers, and resellers, interact with customers, and manage sales transactions are becoming quite sophisticated, increasingly user-friendly, and capable of dramatically expanding the reach of any business, while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

A web-based portal provides your dealers and distributors with easy, instant access to the applications and content they need to promote and sell your products.

E-commerce Storefront Renovation

08-24-2012  |  By: Adrecom

E-commerce storefront renovation is the process of redesigning your site in order to improve its design, functionality and technical elements. While affecting this renovation, remember that a complete overhaul is not always necessary - it might be sufficient to change either the look or the feel of the site, but not necessarily both.

Adrecom's Membership Management Solutions

06-20-2012  |  By: Adrecom
While Adrecom’s Solutions and Services for Nonprofits & Associations provides highly organized yet flexible content management opportunities, we as well offer advanced portal solutions for non-profit organizations and associations. Our CMS allows membership-based organizations to manage a high volume of members using our practical technology-oriented platform. Administrators can manage member accounts, online registrations, dues collection and donations and online event management and registrations, to name a few, just by logging into the system. For more complex or customized changes our technical team is available to offer advice to clients or to implement the changes on your behalf.

Lead Generation and Customer Interaction Forms

06-07-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Communicating with your clients, and allowing them to easily communicate with you, is an essential aspect of running your business. For a long time businesses have commonly used certain technological capabilities to accomplish traditional business practices, one of the most commonly-used being the famous online form. The Adrecom Corporate Portal offers all of the standard configurations, such as text fields, radio buttons and dragdown menus, making it very easy to create the right type of form for your site. This blog post therefore covers two technological key ingredients that have become standard cultural norms in the sphere of webstore buying and selling - lead generation and customer interaction forms.

How Media Elements Enhance E-catalogs

05-09-2012  |  By: Adrecom
E-catalog is a popular way to make the shopping experience very easy for customers. Online shopping has certain perks that shopping at brick-and-mortar stores does not have, such as 24/7 availability and readily-provided information about all topics in the content management system. However, in order to overcome the lack of physical access to tangible items – i.e., the useful tendency of picking up an item and looking at it from all angles – web stores need to make optimal usage of high quality product imagery and other media elements, such as video and flash. This blog post discusses how images and video create are a necessary element of a successful e-commerce product catalog.

B2B Web Presence Renovation

05-03-2012  |  By: Adrecom
At Adrecom, we service a variety of customers in both the B2C (standard business-to-customer model) and B2B (business-to-business) categories. We have carefully and specifically developed the features and applications found in our Back Office to satisfy the business needs of both types of customers. What is largely true about B2B transactions, however, is that their orders and purchases typically involve a larger amount of raw materials. Such companies can make ideal use of our distributor and wholesaler portal, which comes with a tiered pricing model so we have designed our system to make such tiered pricing models and other essential B2B applications plainly visible on the front end as areas of focus.

What is Good Quality Writing?

02-22-2012  |  By: Adrecom

What is Good Quality Writing?

There are several aspects to good quality writing and a well-developed blog post takes all of them into account. Reputation, charisma and appearance are important ingredients in the success of any company and they can take you a long way. However, for writing intensive websites, such as those which inform readers about a plethora of topics, the internal aspects need to be thoroughly developed as well. At the end of the day there just is no way to avoid presenting good quality written material that focuses directly on the subject at hand and conveys information in a skillful manner. Information-heavy sites do not have the luxury of not becoming, if they aren’t already, sources of expertise in a particular field or area or writing engaging blog posts.

Pre-scheduling Blog Posts

02-22-2012  |  By: Adrecom

The purpose of a blog, amongst many, is to provide an interesting informational platform about one or a variety of related topics. Regardless of what you use your blog for, there is one rule that seems to apply universally across the board regardless of what type of blog you actually have – let’s call it one of the blogging constants.

The Importance of a Strong Web Presence

01-19-2012  |  By: Adrecom

Establishing a powerful web presence is a very serious matter for online e-commerce web stores and businesses. This is true for one very important reason: it's a known fact that in the last decade consumerism has taken a notable shift to the Internet, with online stores representing the hub of a large portion of today’s commercial activity. Businesses who seek to establish and maintain their level of success must utilize the next generation of e-commerce and technological resources available.