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Rainbow Broadband Restructure its Site with Adrecom CMS

03-16-2012  |  By: Adrecom contacted Adrecom in 2012 with one major goal in mind: transferring a large set of content from its old CMS to a new and more highly configurable content management system.

Founded in 2005 as collaborative services broadband provider to the media industry, Rainbow Broadband provides broadband access to the Manhattan commercial district utilizing its proprietary Hybrid Fiber Microwave Network. Businesses in the district directly benefit from their installed iPhone and Android device access points, which free up the congested cellular networks in the region. Rainbow Broadband also provides last mile connectivity to carriers, and several major media companies used their services, such Disney, Columbia Pictures and Blip TV.

Looking for a software platform and development team capable of transferring their content and maximizing their web presence, they chose Adrecom’s CMS Suite. Adrecom was able to easily and fully transfer Rainbow Broadband’s large and varied body of content, including images, diagrams, PDF’s and other media while preserving its existing structure. Adrecom also refurbished Rainbow Broadband’s information architecture by configuring an easy-to-use navigation structure and integrating intuitive information request and contact forms.

Adrecom’s user platform system enables internal staff to affect regular informational updates, such as newsletters and press releases and to inform front end users of upcoming special events, as well as images, videos and podcasts. The Press page is professionally built with press coverage categorized at the top of the page by year starting with 2004. Site administrators can also update specifically configured sections, such as their Client page displaying all of Rainbow Broadband’s clients with an accompanying business logo. Other optional features include a rotating company logo image at the bottom of each page.

Rainbow Broadband is social media-enabled to integrate with Facebook, Twitter and Blogger RSS and contains an interactive Google Map location page for finding directions from anywhere in the United States. With its newly-organized informational structure and advanced and easily-manageable back-end capabilities, Rainbow Broadband can focus its energies on extending its network to the media industry.