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Metadata and Tagging

10-09-2011  |  By: Adrecom
In this illustration you see that the company has properly written a meta title (the underlined text in purple) that incorporates their targeted keyword (Afluria- Flu Vaccine) at the start of the title so that it grabs a viewer's attention. Their meta description directly below describes other flu vaccines available and their targeted customers. You will notice if you compare the source code above that it is the same as the text in the search engine image.

Meta titles, keywords, and descriptions are incorporated into the HTML code of the page as in the following example from Flu Vaccine distributor company source page:

Although metadata is written as part of the internal html code on a page (as shown in the illustration above), it is also visible on the search engine results page as in the illustration directly below:

While a well-designed site and compelling content will help convert visitors to callers (and hopefully to dedicated clients), in the competitive and cluttered online space today, companies are finding it much harder to actually get viewers to their sites, let alone convert those viewers into leads and/or customers. If your site is designed without devoting special attention to social media sites and search engines like Google and Bing, then your efforts may be akin to the noise of a tree falling in the woods that no one ever hears.