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Marlon Brando Official Website Reopened with Implementation of Adrecom CMS Suite

01-23-2013  |  By: Adrecom

Marlon Brando is an icon in film history, a true superstar considered by many to be among the most important actors in American cinema. Adrecom is proud to play a role in presenting this great American actor’s history on the web through the “Marlon Brando Official Website,” which went live on December 2012 with Adrecom’s content management solution, the CMS Suite. Even though Mr. Brando is no longer with us, the Official Website is now an important platform that enables millions of Brando fans to learn about, understand, and remember the man, his work, and his legacy.

A major part of the Marlon Brando Official Website is its extensive archive of materials, including films, plays, interviews, press accounts, behind-the-scenes material, photos, and much more. The vaults containing this valuable material are finally opening (more than eight years after Brando’s death in July 2004), which means the online archive will be substantial, and will include countless items now being cataloged for placement on the site in coming months.

Mr. Brando’s estate administrators sought a software platform and a development team capable of transferring existing content, accommodating the addition of large amounts of content from the vault over time, and maximizing the famous actor’s web presence. They chose Adrecom’s CMS Suite, which easily and completely transferred a large and varied body of content, including photos, video, news, PDF’s and other media while preserving the old site’s essential features, and set the stage for additional new content to be added.

The main challenge was to establish content-management modules that allow site administrators to quickly and easily expand, modify, organize, and categorize the multimedia archive by topic and media type. The object was to make the archive easy-to-manage, provide simplified content publishing for site administrators, and easy, intuitive navigation for visitors, all while preserving an attractive web site “look and feel” befitting Brando’s style, substance and mystique. Of course, the platform also had to anticipate future site extensions, especially including “members only” content areas.

To accommodate this extensive archive and expected demand for the related Brando merchandise and memorabilia online marketplace, Adrecom incorporated many options into the site, paying special attention to providing information architecture and navigation that enabled on-demand activation of e-commerce capabilities, a blog interface, a message board, and social-media integration.

It has been Adrecom’s privilege to help to perpetuate the memory and legacy of a great actor like Brando, and provide a learning and sharing mechanism for Brando fans for years to come — it was a meaningful and rewarding challenge for Adrecom’s development team.