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Global Thoughts Renovates Web Presence

03-21-2012  |  By: Adrecom

When contacted Adrecom they needed to refurbish their entire blog, which contained a large amount of narrative and pictorial records of the author's travels to over 30 countries worldwide. With more than 400 articles spread over 7 distinct categories, a concentrated effort had to be placed into transferring the content into the new CMS. Using its A+ Content Migration Methodology, Adrecom was able to expediently and smoothly migrate all of his site content while preserving the pre-existing logical structure, links to various forms of media and textual formatting.

Had it not been for Adrecom’s professionally-designed content management system, categorizing the large quantity of articles into the original site’s pre-existing category blueprint would have been a formidable and time-consuming task. Using Adrecom’s logical and effective architectural system and Back Office expertise, they were able to systematically identify each article’s appropriate category and assign them accordingly.

One of the central tasks during the transfer process was to ensure that all pre-existing relationships were maintained, namely links to various forms of media, such as PDF documents, images and videos. One way of accomplishing this task was to apply redirects to URL’s, while another way was to restructure the URL’s themselves using an automated process.

Additionally, Adrecom’s web design team designed an entirely new, sleek and neat Front End layout making site navigation superbly easy while creating the worldly, thoughtful and comfortable motif the site owner was looking for. Several capabilities were incorporated into the site’s layout, such as a featured article section allowing the site owner to select which articles to display on the Home Page. Sections were as well created to display most recently posted articles and photos, giving the site a sense of dynamism accurately representing the owner’s goals.

The original site contained a score of images located in a specific image category. While this structure was maintained, the Content Management System introduced its photo gallery feature useful for organizing and categorizing a high volume of images.

Perhaps one of the most important tasks in the Global Thoughts project was to accurately index the articles, which make up the body of the site. The author titled the majority of his written pieces by date, which were included in the article title. While it was possible to manually re-order the large body of articles manually by date, a script was written in order to automate the indexing process to avoid this time-consuming and error-prone task.

All-in-all, the Global Thoughts project was a success. After the completion of the legacy transfer process, the Adrecom team provided the site owner with the guidance and instruction needed to independently and regularly update his site.