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Adrecom's CMS Systems Enhanced the Web Presence of The Law Office of Barry Fischer

09-09-2012  |  By: Adrecom

With over 23 years of practice in divorce law, Barry Fischer has helped his clients throughout LA in all family law proceedings, including complex, high-asset divorces, annulments, and child custody and support matters. When he was looking for a content management solution, Adrecom was there and ready to enhance the web presence of his site.. Adrecom provided him with their web solution using various CMS tools.

Using their Corporate Portal platform, Adrecom was able to customize and personalize their client’s website. Additionally, their portal solution enabled their client to navigate his website and have access to his data. With simple processes for content creation, delivery and management, Adrecom uploaded the information with ease. The Adrecom Corporate Portal also offered all of the standard configurations, such as text fields, radio buttons and drag down menus, making it very easy to create the right type of form for their customer’s site. The Adrecom Corporate Portal engineered a Lead Generation platform which enabled him to extent his services to his clients. That way, his clients can fill and submit their inquiries using the Lead Generation form.

In search for a software platform and a development team capable of transferring his content and maximizing his web presence, Barry Fischer chose Adrecom’s CMS Suite. Adrecom was able to easily and completely transfer large and varied body of content, including images, diagrams, PDF’s and other media while preserving its existing structure. Adrecom also refurbished their customer’s information architecture by configuring an easy-to-use navigation structure and integrating intuitive information request and contact forms. Adrecom’s user platform system enabled their customer to influence regular informational updates, such as newsletters and press releases and to inform front end users of upcoming special events, as well as images, videos and podcasts.

To further enhance their customer’s website, Adrecom applied their CMS editing tools and applications enabled them conveniently manage the entire content on their customer’s website. Additionally, Adrecom was able to create and edit textual and audio content on the website. Aside from transferring existing pages to Adrecom’s CMS, new pages and categories were created to merge the complex content structure with the website. The Law Office of Barry Fischer needed a Contact page which makes use of Adrecom’s back office form functionality, an essential part of Adrecom’s Editing Tools module. Adrecom’s form functionality flexibility allows for creating forms with different types of user fields. In this case, the customer can use text fields to fill out text or form. He can also use a dragdown menu for choosing the subject of the query, a larger field for entering notes and a standard field to prevent robot entrance.

.Adrecom worked tirelessly to assure infinite traffic to their customer’s business. What sets Adrecom apart from most web services is their measurable results and a proven track record. The website Adrecom has built with compelling design, great content & features and a foundation of clean code to lay the foundation for successful search engine optimization. Their custom design and web development team gave their customer’s website a professional semblance. 

Adrecom very understands of their customer’s needs and concerns. That is why they’ve effortlessly hone their web presence management system through years of research specifically to address the web marketing needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Managing their customer’s web presence is critical in success of their website as a revenue generating and effective sales tool. Adrecom supplied a range of hosting options from a basic, no frills, and low cost service to a fully-featured, fully backed-up, high-capacity hosting with comprehensive reporting and resilient service. Updated and relevant information is crucial to creating an effective website. Adrecom provided their content management services to their customer which combined optimization with content management without compromising either of these important elements. They way, they were able to change their customer’s website content, reacting to the prevailing market and competitive conditions real-time.