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The Latest Generation of the Adrecom E-CMS Website

01-17-2012  |  By: Adrecom

The latest generation of theAdrecom eCMS website publishing platform now includes a multi-user, mulitple website implementation for a business that wants mulitple points of presence managed from one web-based access point.

Quality Scrub Sets (QSC) is a Los Angeles based seller of medical scrubs to hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical facilities across the USA. We were faced with a unique challenge, says Menlo Lippowski their chief Marketing Director. The problem was how do we personalize the website experience for each customer persona we are targeting. One website does not fit all what we've discovered.

Control To The Actual Business Owners

10-21-2011  |  By: Adrecom
In the early days of the Internet, webmasters with knowledge of HTML were the exclusive arbiters of who could control the publishing aspect of corporate and commercial websites. The push towards developing more user-friendly software platforms has enabled web developers to produce web applications that return web publishing control to the actual business owners. In the new social media paradigm of user interactivity, next generation CMS and eCommerce platforms enable website owners on their own to quickly make changes to their sites, download online orders, and conduct their own marketing campaigns.

Metadata and Tagging

10-09-2011  |  By: Adrecom

In this illustration you see that the company has properly written a meta title (the underlined text in purple) that incorporates their targeted keyword (Afluria- Flu Vaccine) at the start of the title so that it grabs a viewer's attention. Their meta description directly below describes other flu vaccines available and their targeted customers. You will notice if you compare the source code above that it is the same as the text in the search engine image.

Credit card processing can be a tricky if not overwhelming experience for merchants.

10-09-2011  |  By: Adrecom
Credit card processing can be a tricky if not overwhelming experience for merchants. The merchant services industry is ever changing as well and for a business it's hard to keep up with how that directly affects your bottom line.