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Team Module Integrated into Adrecom Portal Solution

05-31-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Given that certain types of customers have specific needs, the Adrecom team has developed and integrated the Team module into their corporate portal solutions repertoire. Categorized under our Resources section, the Team module was designed for businesses and agencies who wish to renovate their web presence by introducing their team and/or staff to the viewing public.Whereas in the past Team information was created within the general structure of the Articles section, used for creating the major bulk of a website’s content, it has now been set aside with its own module designed with features specifically designed for creating individual team member content.

Products Bundles - A Clever Catalog Strategy

05-11-2012  |  By: Adrecom
The Bundle feature is a feature central to Adrecom's E-commerce Suite that allows an e-catalog owner to display products that are comprised of several products from the existing catalog.

How Media Elements Enhance E-catalogs

05-09-2012  |  By: Adrecom
E-catalog is a popular way to make the shopping experience very easy for customers. Online shopping has certain perks that shopping at brick-and-mortar stores does not have, such as 24/7 availability and readily-provided information about all topics in the content management system. However, in order to overcome the lack of physical access to tangible items – i.e., the useful tendency of picking up an item and looking at it from all angles – web stores need to make optimal usage of high quality product imagery and other media elements, such as video and flash. This blog post discusses how images and video create are a necessary element of a successful e-commerce product catalog.

B2B Web Presence Renovation

05-03-2012  |  By: Adrecom
At Adrecom, we service a variety of customers in both the B2C (standard business-to-customer model) and B2B (business-to-business) categories. We have carefully and specifically developed the features and applications found in our Back Office to satisfy the business needs of both types of customers. What is largely true about B2B transactions, however, is that their orders and purchases typically involve a larger amount of raw materials. Such companies can make ideal use of our distributor and wholesaler portal, which comes with a tiered pricing model so we have designed our system to make such tiered pricing models and other essential B2B applications plainly visible on the front end as areas of focus.

Product Catalog Management

04-25-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Product catalog management is a multi-tiered process that allows you to store, administer and add, edit and delete new and existing items to and from your e-catalog. Using the Adrecom CMS Suite you can manage your media assets by simultaneously exporting and import multiple catalogs in bulk for backup and storage. Since there are a variety of different elements that can be exported and imported, suffice it to say that the process for each is slightly different for each application. This post will provide the conceptual model to understand how each application is exported from and imported to the back office. While this post delineates the conceptual model by which exports and imports are carried out, it does not itself instruct you how to perform exports and imports. Since the process is somewhat complex, we have written a series of manuals describing how to perform exports and imports rather than creating video tutorials.

Content Management Automation, Uploading Images in Bulk

04-19-2012  |  By: Adrecom

Just as you can upload products in bulk to the Back Office, you can also upload images in bulk, although the process is slightly different.  Let’s say, for example, that your e-catalog contains an order of some 3,000 products, and each one needs an image. One way of assigning an image to each product is to manually insert an image into each product. While this method is the recommended one for inserting images into a relatively small amount of products, such as 5 or 10, there is another, more efficient method for inserting images into a large number of products, such as 20, 50, 100 or 1000.

Uploading Images to the Media Gallery in Bulk

04-18-2012  |  By: Adrecom
A popular demand for many websites is to display a specified page designated for images. This is especially relevant for image-heavy websites, and for such sites it is beneficial to contain all their images in a gallery versus on individual pages. If a site contains a high volume of images, the image pages can number in the 100’s or even higher. A better alternative is to create a gallery, in which each page displays thumbnails of each of the relevant or desired images. When the user clicks on or hovers the cursor over the image, a larger version of that image is displayed in a separate window. This methodology achieves the desired result of displaying a high volume of images while avoiding a high number of image pages.

How Promotional Coupon Discounts Work

04-17-2012  |  By: Adrecom
While coupon usage make up a fundamental part-and-parcel of traditional commerce, it is also true that e-tailers have much to gain from making use of promotions and coupons. This post contains a summary of wise and unwise discount practices and how coupons and promotions are used (and should be) in the world of e-commerce.

Global Thoughts Renovates Web Presence

03-21-2012  |  By: Adrecom
When contacted Adrecom they needed to refurbish their entire blog, which contained a large amount of narrative and pictorial records of the author's travels to over 30 countries worldwide. With more than 400 articles spread over 7 distinct categories, a concentrated effort had to be placed into transferring the content into the new CMS. Using its A+ Content Migration Methodology, Adrecom was able to expediently and smoothly migrate all of his site content while preserving the pre-existing logical structure, links to various forms of media and textual formatting.

Rainbow Broadband Restructure its Site with Adrecom CMS

03-16-2012  |  By: Adrecom contacted Adrecom in 2012 with one major goal in mind: transferring a large set of content from its old CMS to a new and more highly configurable content management system.
Founded in 2005 as collaborative services broadband provider to the media industry, Rainbow Broadband provides broadband access to the Manhattan commercial district utilizing its proprietary Hybrid Fiber Microwave Network.