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Adrecom's E-Commerce Solutions for Cross-Selling

10-07-2012  |  By: Adrecom

Cross-selling is a marketing term for the practice of suggesting related products or services to a customer who is considering buying something. Also referred to as suggestive selling, it is a sales technique whereby complementary products are presented to a customer after the customer has demonstrated a desire and willingness to purchase a particular product. Often, cross-selling involves offering the customer items that complement the original purchase in some manner. The idea behind cross-selling is to capture a larger share of the consumer market by meeting more of the needs and wants of each individual customer. Online merchandising is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce. In order for e-tailers to generate profitable sales, they must use e-commerce sales tactics in order to navigate their customers to the products they want to purchase.

E-Commerce Best Practices and Up-Selling

09-25-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Up-selling is a sales technique commonly used by vendors to ingeniously encourage their customers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, and add-ons in attempt to make a more profitable sale. Up-selling usually involves marketing more profitable services or products but can also be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not considered previously. For instance, if a customer was looking to purchase a certain product, a salesperson may try to convince you to buy the accessories for it whether you need it or not. When a customer is looking to make an online purchase, the webpage will feature accessories that the customer can purchase along with that item.

E-commerce Storefront Renovation

08-24-2012  |  By: Adrecom

E-commerce storefront renovation is the process of redesigning your site in order to improve its design, functionality and technical elements. While affecting this renovation, remember that a complete overhaul is not always necessary - it might be sufficient to change either the look or the feel of the site, but not necessarily both.

Online Event Management

08-19-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Online event management is considerably an easier alternative to event management. Rather than relying on event planners to organize, supervise and plan your events for you, you can purchase an online management software that allows you to monitor your events in the most systematic and feasible way.

Advanced Searches for the Seeker of the Specific

08-05-2012  |  By: Adrecom

Search features can make or break an online store or other content rich website in the internet age. Every minute that an online shopper spends looking for a particular item makes it less likely they will engage with the business. The shopper will either assume the company does not have what they want, or may even leave because a slow or hard-to-navigate site sends the message that the company does not really care about meeting his or her needs.

Members and Business Directories as part of web presence management

06-22-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Adrecom’s member and business directories are examples of our employment of database-oriented content. Database-oriented pages are dynamic pages that are linked to an internal database that stores member and business directory information. When a back end user, such as a site administrator or member of our team, makes a change in the database the change is reflected on the front end. Information that exists in the Back Office database is sent to the respective page via programming configurations. This way, every time the page is reloaded the changes will be apparent on the front end.

Adrecom's Membership Management Solutions

06-20-2012  |  By: Adrecom
While Adrecom’s Solutions and Services for Nonprofits & Associations provides highly organized yet flexible content management opportunities, we as well offer advanced portal solutions for non-profit organizations and associations. Our CMS allows membership-based organizations to manage a high volume of members using our practical technology-oriented platform. Administrators can manage member accounts, online registrations, dues collection and donations and online event management and registrations, to name a few, just by logging into the system. For more complex or customized changes our technical team is available to offer advice to clients or to implement the changes on your behalf.

Lead Generation and Customer Interaction Forms

06-07-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Communicating with your clients, and allowing them to easily communicate with you, is an essential aspect of running your business. For a long time businesses have commonly used certain technological capabilities to accomplish traditional business practices, one of the most commonly-used being the famous online form. The Adrecom Corporate Portal offers all of the standard configurations, such as text fields, radio buttons and dragdown menus, making it very easy to create the right type of form for your site. This blog post therefore covers two technological key ingredients that have become standard cultural norms in the sphere of webstore buying and selling - lead generation and customer interaction forms.

Team Module Integrated into Adrecom Portal Solution

05-31-2012  |  By: Adrecom
Given that certain types of customers have specific needs, the Adrecom team has developed and integrated the Team module into their corporate portal solutions repertoire. Categorized under our Resources section, the Team module was designed for businesses and agencies who wish to renovate their web presence by introducing their team and/or staff to the viewing public.Whereas in the past Team information was created within the general structure of the Articles section, used for creating the major bulk of a website’s content, it has now been set aside with its own module designed with features specifically designed for creating individual team member content.

Products Bundles - A Clever Catalog Strategy

05-11-2012  |  By: Adrecom
The Bundle feature is a feature central to Adrecom's E-commerce Suite that allows an e-catalog owner to display products that are comprised of several products from the existing catalog.