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Adrecom’s E-Commerce Suite Helps Eve Pearl Upgrade its Brand

"Adrecom's E-Commerce solution is the most cost effective we have found and they are a pleasure to work with. Their whole point of view is, 'How can I make this easy for you?'"

Many women hold their makeup and skin care regime as a sacred ritual. Using the right skin care products can keep your skin from aging prematurely. Using the right makeup and applying it correctly can transform your face, minimizing flaws and accentuating features. Brand loyalty runs deep, as women stick to products they know work. As such one can understand how important it is for a new makeup and skin care manufacturer to create a brand which instills trust and reliability. Branding properly is critical and the web solution chosen is a large part of a global brand representation.

Eve Pearl is a five time Grammy winner, with over 15 years experience, who started her own makeup and skin care line in 2002. Her line of skin care and cosmetics, which carries her name, is specially formulated for delicate or sensitive skin of all shades and tones. In 2003 Eve Pearl took her business online and in 2008 she upgraded to the Adrecom e-commerce solution. Eve had researched several companies in the e-commerce website building business and found Adrecom to be the most cost effective, smoothest and customer service-oriented.

Delivering a high-end, professional standard product is something Eve Pearl prides herself on and having a web solution which reflects these qualities in the company brand are essential. Updating the site with new information regularly and providing a smooth, low-click buying method are other features that Eve required in the online solution. The original website solution was difficult to navigate, had too many clicks to purchase and was not easily updatable. While it looked good, the lack of back-end functionality of the site was keeping the business from growing at a pace that demand required.

Using Adrecom's E-Commerce Suite has upgraded the usability of Eve Pearl's site and made buying the company's products an easier experience resulting in fewer sales lost before check-out.

Simplified E-Commerce

Buying via the previous Eve Pearl website meant going several clicks deep into the site to find the item, and even more clicks deeper in order to purchase. Due to the confusing and complicated nature of the buying system, many sales were lost en-route to purchase. Making matters worse, the back-end system was confusing and needed a lot of work, which was both expensive and time consuming. It also meant that the site was down while they were working on it - which resulted in a loss of sales. By rebuilding the site with the Adrecom E-Commerce solution, Eve Pearl was able to simplify the purchasing process, minimize downtime and increase sales.

While looking for available website solutions Eve Pearl's main concerns were cost effectiveness, efficiency, and a smooth buying process. She had researched the industry and found that Adrecom was the most economical solution for all of the features that it provides. Its sales have increased since upgrading the site by smoothing out the selling process. The new site doesn't "turn customers off."

"Of the functionality added to the new site the 'Buy Now' button has probably had the biggest effect on sales," says Eve. "It simplifies the buying process and people like that." With a more intuitive site that requires fewer clicks, more customers are finding the products that they want and are buying more. Adrecom has lowered Eve Pearl's lost sale rate by making buying easier and faster.

E-Commerce Suite Widens Eve Pearl's Client Base

Makeup and skin care are generally small packages and as such can easily be shipped everywhere. Eve Pearl decided to take advantage of the compact nature of its product and go international with its new website in order to open up its prospective client base. Supporting this goal, Adrecom integrated the Eve Pearl site with FedEx shipping, making the world its market.

Now customers receive Eve Pearl products quickly and within the time frame that they require without Eve Pearl employees having to do extra work. Integrating FedEx with the Eve Pearl website has simplified the mailing process on the back-end as well - saving time and money.

The Adrecom E-Commerce Suite also added the mailing list function to the Eve Pearl site, giving it a way to collect a database of women who are interested in its products and asking for more information. When Eve Pearl sends a newsletter to its customer list, sales go up. Keeping in regular contact with the customers has built the brand, strengthened customer relationships, and enhanced their loyalty. Furthermore, it allows Eve Pearl to collect valuable customer information, such as location, interests and product preferences.

Personalized Service

For a small and fast-growing company such as Eve Pearl, service means a lot. "Adrecom was recommended to me as the best from a personal contact, and with good reason," says Eve. "Their personal service level is truly outstanding. Every request is answered promptly."

I work in the customer service field, so I know how things should be done and I have high expectations. Adrecom has definitely met those expectations. In short, they are a pleasure to work with."