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Absolute Medical Services

Adrecom updated Absolute Medical Equipment’s website ( to Adrecom’s e-commerce platform in 2015, and simultaneously updated the site’s SEO, content and marketing features. AbsoluteMed sells pre-owned and reconditioned medical equipment, offering an affordable price-point option to medical providers on a budget who seek great value.

Before the website redesign, AbsoluteMed used a NetSuite e-commerce platform. Unfortunately, running that old platform, attempting to adapt and expand it, and managing business transactions through it were expensive and complicated. As adaptation, and expansion of the site slowed, so did the business’ growth. The old site wasn’t meeting AbsoluteMed’s need to access and effectively serve the market.

The solution was implementation of Adrecom’s “jump start online marketing program.” Marketing elements developed and implemented include product videos, and educational content informing prospects of AbsoluteMed’s product lines and services. Adrecom also renewed the site’s information architecture, and deployed a mobile-friendly design, easy-to-use e-commerce platform with quote-management capabilities, and customer-centric architecture. These enhancements made the site visually appealing, more engaging, accessible, and effective for visitors using handheld devices.

Adrecom has a long range of experience as a provider of integrated web-presence management solutions. Its total-website-renovation process was carefully calibrated to maximize AbsoluteMed’s ability to attract buyers, efficiently inform customers of available high-value medical equipment options, and respond to customer needs, and process more orders, through customer engagement and ease of use.

Just-In-Time Changes — These changes and upgrades—delivered through Adrecom’s e-commerce suite—arrived just in time to permit to take on and rise to challenges presented by several new competitors in the used medical equipment space—each of which offers a modern, easy-to-use, dynamic website yielding good customer experiences. In the same time frame, Google changed its site-ranking algorithms. The combination of new competitors and the AbsoluteMed website suffering in Google’s rankings made for a very difficult situation.

Fortunately, Adrecom’s team of experts completed the AbsoluteMed website update very quickly. The site-renovation process unfolded without incident or adverse unforeseen obstacles, problems, or consequences. This enabled AbsoluteMed to quickly arrest the fall in its online sales and market position. Over the following 12-months, Adrecom’s upgrades and effective use of the Adrecom e-commerce suite placed AbsoluteMed back on a solid growth path—which has accelerated since January 2017.

Site Renovation Outcomes/Accomplishments

Since Adrecom’s transformation of AbsoluteMed’s website, the web-presence upgrades achieved significant online progress for After the new site was deployed things started changing noticeably:

The site improvements had the intended effect. As a seller of commercial medical electronics, AbsoluteMed is impressed with its new website’s capabilities because it makes the job of connecting medical providers to the right medical devices at the right price easier and more efficient, makes the company more effective and responsive to consumer demand, and expands customer choices. It also makes AbsoluteMed’s customers happy, creates more product-sale opportunities, and is a powerful tool for controlling inventory, moving merchandise, and increasing revenue.

AbsoluteMed’s online customers now have a much easier medical-equipment buying experience, are more likely to find exactly what they’re looking for at the right price, and more likely to return to AbsoluteMed for their future medical equipment purchases.

The new Adrecom e-commerce suite also allows AbsoluteMed to observe, learn from and act on its customers’ equipment and pricing choices. AbsoluteMed can see what works best for customers, and in turn quickly offer popular/feasible pricing to other customers. By watching what works for certain customer profiles in medical equipment choices, AbsoluteMed gains key marketing information and promotional opportunities.

At Adrecom, we’re all about delivering functional back-end convenience to clients like Absolute Medical. Site renovations that include mobile friendly upgrades and e-commerce systems help clients improve the medical-provider value they can offer to their patients and programs. For our customers, marketing flexibility and consumer convenience is enhanced.

Please contact us for more information on how your company can renovate its website and seize the advantage of effective and advanced e-commerce solutions.