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Managing Ecommerce Promotions

Equipped with the most sophisticated ecommerce technologies and a powerful promotions engine, you can exercise near total control when planning, initiating and tracking your ecommerce promotions. The result is a promotional program that fits represents your company the way you want, turning it into a revenue-generation tool.

There are a number of promotional venues available, such as:

  1. Our up to date calendar system for planning the launch of marketing and/or informational materials.
  2. Easy-to-use quantity discounts for determining pricing schemas.
  3. Item shipping and handling to control shipping settings, such as shipping charges.
  4. The assignment of special prices, such as MSRP, Affiliate Prices and Prices for Distributors.
  5. Free shipping for pre define orders amount.
  6. Gift certificate and virtual gift card.
  7. Personalized promotions associated with reordering.
  8. Membership based discounts and specials.

At Adrecom our goal is to work with your company to identify and launch the best possible promotional schema available.

Pricing Schemas

Your pricing schema is very well one of the most important aspects of your promotional method. We therefore facilitate a number of pricing schemas meant to optimize your control. Some of our pricing methods include bundling, quantity discounts, price breaks, the assignment of special prices such as MSRP, affiliate prices and programs, discounted prices via promotional codes and coupons, prices for distributors, complimentary items, gift cards and many more. The advanced discounts and promotions are based on a wide variety of characteristics, such as, but not limited to: time, order level, product category or amount and customer profile or segment. In short, we deliver intelligent merchandizing and multi channels marketing modules to enhance the user experience as a whole.

Shipping Options

You can choose from a number of shipping options, such as managing free shipping rates per category or per product, not to mention shopping cart trigger settings to establish a high level of communication with customers.