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Private Communities and Intranet

We empower websites to attract, inspire and engage visitors and customers to communicate with your company staff and with each other online. Community functionality can elevate your web presence by giving people more opportunities to interact with your brand. 

Inviting clients to visit you online and become a part of your ongoing story will foster customer loyalty, reduce support costs, and increase buyer activity. And if your site is concerned about higher search engine rankings then you can be very encouraged to know that this type of user generated content is the holy grail your competitors wish they could have.

Transform Content into Conversations with the Adrecom Private eCommunity

Adrecom Private eCommunity includes the necessary features and moderation tools to manage and support a thriving web-based and mobile-friendly customer engagement experience. With the right social tools such as blogs, forums, reviews, likes and comments your company can keep visitors coming back again and again. 

With total access management you can use the Adrecom eCommmunity system to support all of your audiences and secure membership. You can also easily provide a collaborative encounter that optimizes the community experience for smart phones and other mobile devices. 

Transform Content into Conversations with the Adrecom Private eCommunity