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Adrecom eCommerce Storefront

For online stores, presentation is critical. Giving customers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to learn about and purchase your products increases customer trust and loyalty - which in turn encourages repeat visits and ultimately helps your bottom line.
It's about managing expectations. Enabling your customers to see your products as clearly and accurately as possible means they'll have a more realistic expectation - which lowers return rates.

Adrecom's Ecommerce Suite enables you to change the color, pattern, or texture of any pictured item, and even add monograms and text to a contoured surface in a picture. Customers like knowing what to expect, and now you can show them.

Make shopping a social experience, just like a brick-and-mortar store, by allowing customers to comment on and rate your products and services. Comments do more than help customers understand what to expect, they give businesses valuable information that can be used for many purposes - like creating better products. When online shopping is a social activity, customers want to return.

Adrecom's Ecommerce Suite offers the functionality customers expect today, and the personalization and customization tools businesses need to satisfy every customer.

Answer the call of evolving expectation of omni-channels shoppers by

Applying Adrecom storefront solution across multiple touch point.

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