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De Vore Recruiting Renovates its Site with Adrecom CMS


When De Vore Recruiting contacted Adrecom they wanted to fully upgrade their web presence with regards to content structure and content management — two key aspects of an inviting, professional, competent and modern site. They as well sought to incorporate advanced lead form capabilities and the ability to integrate with a 3rd party HR management system.

What is De Vore Recruiting?

De Vore Recruiting is a Health Care employment recruiting company with a slightly different approach to job placement. Rather than reaching out to active job seekers, De Vore Recruiting primarily assists passive job seekers find a better match in the Health Care Staffing field. What is a passive job seeker, you might ask? A passive job seeker is a person who is currently employed, not registered on job boards and is not looking for a new job. De Vore’s staffing philosophy is that “the best future employee is the one who is gainfully employed elsewhere and not actively seeking a new position.” They tactfully approach these potential candidates by subtly informing them of alternative available work opportunities. If the employee expresses a genuine desire to change positions, De Vore follows up and continues their search until an ideal match is found.

Adrecom answered the call.

Content Management

De Vore Recruiting’s existing structure was quickly and accurately transferred into Adrecom’s user platform, enabling them to speedily and easily introduce a range of new informational content into their site. Such options include the creation of articles, which are the main bulk of De Vore’s page content, and as well as near full control when deciding how to categorize their content. Adrecom’s CMS helps De Vore manage its career opportunities, potential candidates and staffing solutions directly from the content management platform, adding, editing or deleting them as necessary.

The result is a streamlined and user-friendly CMS ideal for shaping their content as they see fit. In accordance with our policy, we as well provide ample instructional video guidance on a number of topics on our How To's page.

Content Structure

In addition, Adrecom assisted De Vore on the front of content structuring by employing its Knowledge Creation (KM) process, a four-step process involving creating, organizing and filtering, reporting and then utilizing and integrating a company’s relevant and useful acquired and experiential knowledge into the new site. This actively filters out any duplicate information, and once the process of collecting all the relevant information is completed, the company’s knowledge base can grow gradually and organically as it develops by simply integrating new information.

Lead Form Configurations

We also helped De Vore incorporate a number of lead forms, such as its New Candidate Registration, Log In, Newsletter Signup, Contact Us and optional Resume Entry forms. A front end user can easily access these forms, located on their respective pages in an inviting and interactive user-friendly environment.

3rd Party HR Management System Integration

Adrecom’s Back Office, or back end user platform, as well allows for integration with a 3rd party HR management system, integrating their services into the overall picture of De Vore Recruiting’s operational business model. After all was said and done and as its own motto suggest, De Vore Recruiting is ready to enter the next phase of its career assisted by Adrecom’s user-friendly and flexible web content management suite and corporate portal platform.