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Adrecom Transforms Legacy Website into High-Function eCommerce Store Front


Adrecom has once again delivered its powerful eCommerce solutions to a small niche hair-care product maker and distributor, and salon-services provider.  Sheldeez Hair Products & Salon, based in Herndon, Virginia manufactures and distributes high-quality hair-care products to an international clientele, and operates a full-service salon in northern Virginia. Its growth and success depend on an eCommerce website that delivers reliability and ensures that customers can buy easily, accurately, and confidently.

Sheldeez’ old (legacy) site was truly “old looking” and completely outdated functionally. Like many companies with aging “legacy” websites, Sheldeez’ online store and presence had very dated setups, and significant limitations in presenting selections, updating products, and changing configurations. Sheldeez couldn’t efficiently get their products into customers’ hands or manage website operations easily and in real time.

Adrecom’s e-commerce site-development experts conceived and implemented a total site renovation; moving Sheldeez’ content to a sophisticated platform, and restructuring it for maximum utility, intelligent information architecture, easy access, and visual appeal.  Products catalog rendering and product-page appearance were upgraded, and now afford high function and interactivity. The result: a cost-effective and hassle-free transition from a cumbersome, inefficient legacy site to modern e-commerce storefront coupled with a sophisticated, easy-to-use management “back end.”

With Adrecom’s intuitive e-commerce upgrade  and site re-development Sheldeez’ worldwide customer base can easily and conveniently find, learn about, and order the great salon-quality hair-care products they seek from an always-accurate and appealing product catalog. The new site also allows Sheldeez to attain a new level of managerial control while improving the company’s presentation, standing, and recognition—armed with their new site, the company can reach new levels of marketing and sales.

If you’d like to learn about the many salon-quality hair-care products available from this dedicated manufacturer, distributor and salon-services provider, you’ll find it easy and efficient thanks to the e-commerce solutions at