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Adrecom Launches Santa Barbara Non-Profit into Web 2.0 with Innovative Website Content Management System


Adrecom ( ) has transformed the web presence and back-end web site management functionality for a Santa Barbara, CA-based non-profit organization. The entire project took less than three weeks and dramatically improved the organization’s business and brand identity.

The organization (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) provides fun dance instruction and classes to create positive outlets for young people who would otherwise not have access to such opportunities. Although the organization was thriving -- it was growing locally for over five years and had just opened its first satellite branch in the San Francisco Bay Area -- its identity on the Internet, as well as its web site management capability, needed significant help.

Before using the Adrecom Web Portal CMS Platform, the organization’s web site was often outdated, difficult for internal staff to maintain, and lacked mainstream content modules such as a corporate blog, videos, and picture galleries. Adrecom’s Legacy Transformation (“LT”) department assessed the situation and developed a comprehensive Web 2.0 site transformation strategy and an ongoing content management strategy for the client.

The multifaceted solution involved integrating a Photoshop rendition of the new site design into the non-profit edition of Adrecom’s CMS web portal solution. The transformation also focused on the most popular “ready to go” content management and interactive modules. Adrecom’s LT approach enabled the organization to restructure, reorganize, and transform its stale and static content into accessible modules for editing, adding features, archiving, and other critical site maintenance operations. Now, the client’s internal staff could easily add articles, industry news, picture galleries, videos, donation information, blog posts, and other exciting and timely web elements through any web browser with just a few mouse clicks. Adrecom’s built-in WYSIWYG browser-based text editor further simplified the editing and update process.

Adrecom was able to expedite the site deployment because its Web Portal solution is based on a unique Rapid Extensions Architecture Platform (REAP™). REAP™ is a unified portal and web content management framework that enables rapid and cost effective roll out of corporate portals, web content management solutions, e-commerce sites, and web enabling projects. Using a wide range of pre-built ready-to-go modules, application sets, and customizable skins, REAP™ gave the non-profit dance company a foundation for the easy, straightforward deployment of its newer and more cutting-edge web site.

Ultimately, the organization leaped from an ancient web presence to an exciting web 2.0 identity and bypassed the typical obstacles of such projects. The Adrecom platform made the transition from a legacy to a high performance site as smooth as possible. In addition, Adrecom’s CMS solution enabled the non-profit company to make on-the-fly edits and site updates with internal staff, thereby saving the significant costs of webmasters and third-party web site maintenance firms.

“We saw that this non-profit organization was having a tremendous community impact, but that it was losing momentum on the Internet because of an outdated web site,” noted Lev Kacnelson, CEO of Adrecom. “Our Adrecom Web Portal CMS Platform gave them the tools to easily update and manage their site, while also adding modern and powerful features such as blogging, videos, and more. Now, they’re ready to tackle the future,” he added.

To anticipate other potential needs, the Adrecom CMS also provided pre-built options for feature extensions such as message boards, membership management, event galleries, podcasts, resource directories, and more. As a result, the organization is prepared for growth better than ever before.

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