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Adrecom Builds Powerful eCommerce Site for Wine and Beer Retailer-Taps World


Wine buyers around the globe will be happy to learn of the convenient access they now have to hundreds of the world’s finest wines and spirits, all through one well-organized online store powered by Adrecom’s eCommerce Suite.

The Cask Wine & Spirits (Los Angeles / Beverly Hills) was established in 2010 to deliver a superior buying experience for wine and spirits enthusiasts and consumers. While the Cask’s L.A. retail store delivers exceptional services (including a custom wine cellar), select wines and spirits from around the world, and state-of-the-art tasting and event facilities, The Cask needed to expand beyond the limits of its bricks and mortar presence - and tap the world.

Reaching connoisseurs and others outside L.A. seeking high-quality wines and spirits required a top-of-the-line eCommerce storefront. Site design, configuration, and catalog structure all called for the specialized eCommerce expertise that Adrecom delivers. To serve both The Cask’s customers and its employees well, Adrecom’s dedicated team of e-commerce site-development specialists crafted a cost-effective, hassle-free, and modern e-commerce storefront coupled with a sophisticated, easy-to-use management “back end.”

Thanks to Adrecom’s intuitive e-commerce interface, The Cask’s customers can now easily find and purchase products that meet their needs and tastes by maneuvering through the website’s extensive wine and spirits inventory–without missing a thing. Powerful browsing capabilities permit easy and efficient shopping by product category, price, or point of origin, and colorful, full-bottle and close-up images quickly and accurately reveal product details. Merchandising management features are prominently featured— highlighting promotions, and engaging customer interest in an order-inducing way.

For The Cask’s staff, ensuring that product and feature, and promotions, information is accurate, current, and always fresh is just a few easy clicks away.  The foundation of The Cask’s new website is Adrecom’s eCommerce back end, which permits on-the-fly site updates and changes, and provides complete eCommerce operation management capabilities such as a product catalog, and customer-relationship, merchandizing and promotion management.  

For The Cask, reaching new customers in distant locations and adding convenience for local customers short on time for a store visit are critical to improving customer service, growth, and success. Enabling customers to make purchasing decisions easily and ensuring that the website always conveys current, accurate product and pricing information in an appealing visual setting, is equally important. With its new eCommerce site the stage is set for The Cask to attain new levels of growth and customer satisfaction. Adrecom’s experts have again revealed the importance of a strong e-commerce website to companies of any size.

If you’d like to learn about the many wonderful fine wines and spirits available through The Cask, you’ll find it easy and efficient thanks to the e-commerce solutions at