Multiple Storefronts Control

For companies seeking an easy way to manage multiple websites, with each tailored to a particular demographic, Adrecom's multi-store configuration is the ideal answer. 

A highlight of our various strategic e-commerce solutions, our multi-store configuration allows for flawless online customer segmentation based on such factors as language, currency, pricing, brands, and geographic location. The e-commerce multi-store allows companies to cross-promote the same or different items between sites while still maintaining control over specific pricing, payments, images, and fulfillment. 

By having multiple internet sites sharing the same infrastructure and administration, Adrecom's multi-store coordination is a cost-effective and scalable option for companies operating several sites. Due to the fact that the ecommerce infrastructure has already been built, it is easy for a company to launch a new ecommerce site without having to rebuild the platform.

The system also incorporates domain masks that facilitate the on-demand creation of new micro sites that have their own URL's and are synched to the unified database and full multi-store infrastructure user options.

Primary Benefits of Multi-Store:

  • Unified Backend Administration of multiple unique frontend sites
  • Ability to operate both larger and nice sites simultaneously
  • Cross-site promotional capability between multiple e-commerce sites
  • Fully scalable and flexible platform
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization features
  • Customizable marketing opportunities
  • Easy ability to launch new sites on existing CMS


For enterprises focused on reaching new global markets and increasing their revenue through multiple online websites, Adrecom's multi-store consolidation feature is an flexible and cost-effective solution. Our single management workspace helps companies minimize the cost and complexity of operating multiple sites while simultaneously enabling them to enhance their targeted marketing capabilities.