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Marketing Solutions for eCommerce


Adrecom eCommerce Marketing & CRM

Information Breeds Contentment

    Customer service is the key to customer retention. And, the longer a customer is with you, the more profitable they typically are, making high-quality customer service vital to a healthy bottom line.

    Good customer service means giving your customers immediate access to all of the information they desire, such as purchase history and shipping status. Because people prefer staying with the familiar, especially if they are well treated, raising your level of customer service also raises the perceived cost of transfer. The result: your customers will have more reason to stick with you, for longer.

    They Need to Find You First

    Of course, your customers need to be able to find you - and that is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. Adrecom's eCommerce Solution is SEO-friendly right out of the box with every page optimized for spidering. Plus, you can create page specific META tags that will help in raising your page rank.

    Once you have your customers, and you are serving them well, keep in contact with targeted email campaigns. Adrecom's eCommerce Solution allows you to personalize email campaigns and it provides you with all the tools and information you need to analyze their ROI.

    Adrecom's affiliate and channel partner marketing solution enables you to:

    • Create a private-label storefront service
    • Efficiently process the applications of affiliates and distributors
    • Automatically calculate commissions
    • Tailor and personalize your promotion campaigns
    • Configure simple payment terms and check out processes for different channels
    • Centralize inventory management and order fulfillment for all channels
    • Create self service accounts for your partners and affiliates
    • Build a password protected knowledge base
    • Centralize your customer and channel partner management
    • Create and maintain a database organizing customer and partner information, such as:
      • Contacts
      • Purchase history
      • Services requests

    Personalize your customer's experience:

    • Personalized greetings for each customer
    • Allowing them to save their preferences
    • Allowing them to create a customized shopping cart and wish list
    • Send forgetful customers a new, temporary password to their registered email address
    • Get customer feedback through enquiry submission and customers service forms
    • Provide an order history with full details of every item previously ordered
    • Offer real-time shipment tracking
    • Allow customers to add, update or delete addresses and specify default billing or shipping addresses
    • Permit customers to change their email address or password
    • Utilized easy-to-modify, lead-capturing online forms
    • Send automatic notifications to customers based on a set of parameters, such as:
      • Time of customer purchase
      • New customers
      • Amount spent
      • Items of purchase


      Out of the box SEO-friendly storefront:

      • Automatically SEO-friendly pages
      • Page-specific Meta tags
      • Built-in sitemap encourages search engine "spidering", resulting in higher ranking
      • Built ready for activations

      Email campaign management tool set:

      • Create personalized campaigns according to your schedule and rules
      • Campaign archive for future use and analysis
      • Upload your mailing list and create a campaign based on customer order history
      • Information on those who unsubscribe
      • Easy to use email composing tool box with template repository
      • Html, plain text and file attachment support
      • Open, click through tracking and bounced mails are recorded for your review